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A virtuous Christian faith and fiery ambition, combined with a knowledge of human spiritual needs, led to the starting of a Sunday School in Charles Skogsberg’s living room south of Nampa in 1912. From this humble beginning, a committee was selected to find property for a church. A church was built by volunteer labor on the corner of Southside Boulevard and Lewis Lane and dedicated on Mother’s Day in 1913. The church was painted brown and was known for years as “The Little Brown Church in the Vale.” That song was sung almost every Sunday as it was a favorite of W. W. Deal, the pastor for 28 years.

Services have been held in our church building continuously since that time. The original church building was 24 feet by 36 feet. In the past 82 years the building has been remodeled seven times. The early major membership came from the surrounding farming families. Now the membership has become a cross section of every profession in Nampa and surrounding communities. Many wonderful Christian stewards have come and gone through these many years. However, the love of God that was built into the walls in 1913 remains and will guide us on through many years to come.

Written by Ruth Lee Allen, Church Historian