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We, the people of Southside Boulevard United Methodist Church, seek to love God with all our beings and to love our neighbors as ourselves. As Jesus taught us, these are the greatest commandments!
We see our church as a place of “open hearts, open minds, and open doors”. This is not just a slogan for us, but what we strive to achieve and how we see our world and each other.
Southside Boulevard United Methodist Church is a place for practicing our faith in practical ways, in growing to know God’s Word and put His Word into practice in our lives. We work to create every opportunity for those things to happen in many creative ways.
Therefore, we have worship services, Sunday school classes, other courses and opportunities for learning and teaching. We implement programs and groups to help people expand in their faith and find expressions for love and justice. In the pages under the “What We Do” heading, we hope that you will find some group or service opportunities that fit your needs and gifts.